Dental surgery : Surgical guide

The second stage of the surgery is the act itself. This is carefully planned with the established surgical protocol and following the preoperative visit. During the operation the surgeon will simultaneously irrigate the oral area and aspirate fluid and suturing wounds.  
HYGITECH offers a range of products at all these stages. To irrigate, pockets of saline and irrigation lines compatible with 90% of market drivers; to suck, several cannulas and suction sets; absorbable sutures and nonabsorbable, which you can customize if you like; Finally, reusable or disposable hot/cold packs can be offered to the patient to prevent swelling.

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    HYGITECH has developed pilot drills, which are essential to start drilling the bone cortex. In order to maintain the drilling depth predetermined during planning, each drill has a stop at the upper edge to drill to the desired height.

  • Contact our export sales manager for more informationSurgical guides simplified are manufactured on demand, for each patient, using fully biocompatible resin.