Deodorising cleaning liquid for aspiration systems


Dento-Viractis 99 is a deodorising cleaning liquid for treating surgical aspiration systems, spittoons and amalgam collectors.

· Detergent properties: removes adhesive soil and waste sludge
(blood and proteins)
· Prevents bacteria and contaminating biofilm to proliferate
· Convenient: does not foam
· Compatible with all types of suction systems
· Concentrated at 2%

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Used daily, Dento-Viractis 99 cleans, deodorises and avoids the formation of biofilms in just 2 minutes.

1 litre of Dento-Viractis 99 provides 50 litres of active ready-to-use solution.

Use the 20ml dosing device to obtain an accurate 2% solution.

Dento-Viractis 99 does not foam, is non toxic and biodegradable. - 5 litre bottle

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