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Tacks are used during a guided bone regeneration operation. They allow fixing of both resorbable and non-resorbable membranes for as long as is needed for bone regeneration.

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The tacks require the combined use of a positioner to allow their precise placement as well as a case to facilitate easy storage, sterilisation and clasp when using the positioner.

Characteristics of the tacks:

• Made of titanium (Grade 5 ELI), the tacks offer great durability
• Available in two sizes, 3mm and 5mm: The 3mm pins are indicated in the majority of cases, while the 5mm pins are indicated for better stabilisation where the bone may be soft
• Supplied in packs of 4 in a plastic box. Delivered non-sterile, but autoclavable

Easy to distinguish 

Two colours to identify the  two different sizes:

5 mm = blue

3 mm = grey


The tack’s design guarantees excellent support to the membrane


During a guided bone regeneration operation, the retrieval of the tacks is facilitated thanks to the HYGITECH positioner.

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