My Surgery Box

Peace of mind for a successful surgery

Provides you with the freedom to create a product that suits your unique needs and requirements.

With HYGITECH’s wide range of high quality products, the possibilities and benefits are endless :

Time spent is optimised
• Stick to your own protocols for an efficient surgery
• If you are a distributor you can customise the packaging to display your own text, photos and/or logo (just ask for a quote)
Fast delivery
Peace of mind: no more forgotten items when ordering or during the surgery
• A more comfortable and ergonomic working environment
Competitive price
Space optimisation
• Efficient calculation of your patient’s surgery cost

Everything you need for dental surgery but the implant.

To better facilitate your surgical practice, we have outlined three important steps:

  1. Preparation
  2. Surgery
  3. Post-OP

Please contact our export sales department for more information.