Set 3 instruments réutilisables standard

Set of 3 standard reusable instruments

Set 3 instrus
  • 1 unit


This set of 3 standard reusable instruments is used primarily for dental diagnosis. 

Ideal for short procedures or control visits. 

It includes: 
- 1 Tweezer College (HY-91920)
- 12 non-magnifying standard mirrors (HY-92524)
- 1 mirror handle (HY-92520)
- 1 probe n°9 flexible tip (HY-92922)
Product features : 

Tweezer College (HY-91920) : 
- 15 cm grooved handle 
- Tip length: 13 mm 

Non-magnifying standard mirror (HY-92524) and mirror handle (HY-92520) : 
- 22mm diameter mirror in stainless steel 
- Round and ridged stainless steel handle with a diameter of 4.1 mm 

Probe n°9 flexible tip (HY-92922) : 
- Grooved handle 
- Flexible, very fine tip, Ø1 mm diameter 
- Tip length: 15 mm 
- Tip inclination: 60° 

Made of stainless steel, all instruments in the set can be disinfected and sterilised in the autoclave.
Reusable, this set is therefore more ecological and environmentally friendly.

Products made in Germany.