Scissor METZENBAUM, 14,5 cm, curved

Scissor METZENBAUM, 14,5 cm, curved


Metzenbaum scissors are designed for dissection. They provide a high degree of precision to guide the surgeon and perfect the incision with great comfort. Thanks to their long and thin blades, these scissors are recommended for deep incisions or in areas with limited access. They are very interesting for cutting vessels after ligation or small nerves.



Metzenbaum's HYGITECH ceramic scissors have the following characteristics:

Thanks to a physical-chemical process at low temperature, the ceramic will bond inseparably with the original steel, and thus create a synergy without splinters or defects, for a product that lasts over time. Extremely resistant against all daily stresses and chemical treatments, the ceramic coating offers an unmatched surface hardness (approx. 85 HRC), much higher than the hardness of conventional steel or Tungsten Carbide chisels.


- Black finish: to ensure contrast and visual acuity of the procedure site and underlying tissue

- Long life and extended use, low wear due to reduced friction

- High resistance to abrasion and corrosion

- Compatible and biocompatible material

- Anti-reflective and micro-glazed surfaces

- Anti-allergenic

Curved shape: facilitates cutting in initially difficult to access areas by providing better visibility

A double tip with super-cut and serrated micro-finish:

Pointed tip: very sharp for a very good sharpness of cut in order to carry out more meticulous and very precise procedures. Its "super cut" micro-finish gives the blade a sharpness equivalent to a scalpel blade

Serrated" tip: for more invasive applications by acting on more resistant tissue. The serration ensures that the tissue is held in place and prevents the instrument from slipping when cutting