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Curettes LUCAS dentelés

Curettes LUCAS serrated


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LUCAS HYGITECH curettes are instruments particularly used after an extraction. Indeed, these curettes will allow alveolar trimming in order to eliminate bone tissue, cystic tissue (especially apical granulomas) or granulation tissue in the disinhabited alveolus. LUCAS curettes ensure the detachment and enucleation of cystic tissue.
The serrated LUCAS curettes have the following characteristics :

• The cutting property is improved by the toothing, which acts as a "saw" for cutting and removal. Sharper than standard LUCAS curettes, serrated LUCAS curettes are used for more invasive applications, which makes it possible to act on tougher fabrics and provides a better deep curettage of the alveolus.

• Compared to other curettes, LUCAS curettes are easier to maintain and sharpen.

• With ergonomic handle for a better grip

• LUCAS serrated curettes are available in several sizes :

- Curette LUCAS dental 84 : 2.1 mm
- Curette LUCAS dental 85 : 2,6 mm
- Curette LUCAS dental 86 : 3,2 mm
- Curette LUCAS dental 87 : 3,9 mm
- Curette LUCAS dental 88 : 4,65 mm

• LUCAS serrated curettes are German-made and are made of stainless steel for autoclave sterilization.