Instruments : Scalpel handle

Composed of a handle and a blade, scalpels are surgical instruments used in implantology, dental surgery, or periodontal surgery. HYGITECH offers you scalpel handles, available in different sizes and shapes to suit the dentist's needs. All our sleeves are:

Compatible with all standard scalpel blades (including N° 10, 11, 12d, 13, 15, 15c)
Stainless steel: for autoclave sterilization
German-made: a guarantee of impeccable quality

HYGITECH offers surgical instruments of a unique quality, as a guarantee of this quality all our dental instruments are guaranteed for life.
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  • Packaging : 1 unit

    The 12 cm HYGITECH flat scalpel handle N°3 has a narrow tip that can accommodate all standard scalpel blades (including N° 10, 11, 12, 12, 12d, 13, 15, 15, 15c). The HYGITECH flat scalpel handle N°3 is also available with a 6 cm graduated handle for better accuracy. Made of stainless steel, the flat scalpel handle N°3 is autoclavable. Made in Germany,...

  • Packaging : box of 100

    The scalpel blade is intended for use on narrow-tipped sleeves.

  • Packaging : 1 unit

    The adjustable scalpel handle N°3, with rotating head, HYGITECH can be adjusted in two positions: 13 and 17 cm. The 180° rotating head of the scalpel handle makes it easy to grasp and precise during surgery.

  • Packaging : 1 unit

    The HYGITECH rotary head scalpel handle N°3 is adjustable over 7 angles (0°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150° and 180°) to reach hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. The surface of the scalpel handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and precision in both traction and pushing. 

  • Packaging : 1 unit

    Available in standard or ergonomic round handle, the HYGITECH scalpel handle N°3 provides comfort and precision to dentists. In its ergonomic version, the handle allows a perfect fit thanks to its new design. It offers a secure hold in both traction and thrust. 

  • Packaging : 1 unit

    The scalpel handle N°3 with HYGITECH safety ejection allows the scalpel blade to be removed with one hand and in complete safety. The used blades are easily ejected from the scalpel handle, no sudden ejection of the blade due to a safe and controlled movement. Also, the insertion has been improved so that the blade can be placed and removed very easily.