Dental surgery preparation : Surgical kits

The field of implantology requires a sterile environment during operations. In order to minimise the risk of cross contamination and post-op complications, sterile equipment is particularly recommended for both the operating team as well as the patient, in order to avoid cross contamination and post-operative complications.

The best available kits for oral surgery.

The range of dental surgery kits recommended by HYGITECH , aim at providing you with all of the equipment required for your patients' safety during an intervention. For example, if you want to equip yourself with a sterile disposable kit for intra-oral examination without worrying about cross-contamination or disinfection, we can assure you that our products will definitely meet your needs.

Apart from surgical intervention packs, we also offer professional surgery kits.

The benefits of the HYGITECH sterile kits :

  • Optimized Content: The range of 10 HYGITECH dental surgical kits meet all your needs, according to the habits of the surgeon, the number of people to dress and the size and distribution of the firm.
  • Practical: The kits have been carefully designed to ensure sterility during unpacking.
  • Economical: Reduces the time spent preparing and cleaning the surgery block.
  • Simplified traceability: 4 adhesive labels are supplied with each kit to ensure the safe transfer of information.
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  • Packaging : Box of 5

    The PROTECT kit is HYGITECH’s best selling kit, designed to meet all needs for any type of implant surgery. The kit is composed of 45 items:

  • Packaging : Box of 5

    The START kit is a great starter kit for light or heavy implantology procedures.  Each kit contains 32 separate items:

  • Packaging : Box of 5

    The DUO kit is the kit needed for dressing both the surgeon and his assistant. some environment protection is also included, which makes this kit perfect for all kinds of procedures. The kit is composed of 32 items:

  • Packaging : Box of 5

    The HYGITECH Protect Extend kit responds to all needs of implant surgery. We’ve now added to our best seller HYGITECH Protect kit 3 essential elements for implant surgery :-A universal irrigation set -An aspiration set with tube and yankauer cannula -A 2,5mm cannula and adaptorThe kit is composed of 48 items:

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    Packaging : Box of 20

    The VISIT kit is specifically designed for short dental procedures. It contains comprehensive protective clothing for either the surgeon, the assistant or the patient. It is composed of 10 items.