Decontamination & Sterilisation : Sterilisation

Sterilisation and maintaining perfect hygiene are daily challenges. For sterilisation of their instruments, implantology use an autoclave exposing the instruments to a strong water vapor.
To ensure the perfect working of the autoclave, HYGITECH offers 3 types of sterilisation tests.
The consumable necessary for sterilisation is also available: crepe paper tape and sterilisation indicator to distinguish sterile products of others.

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  • Packaging : box of 250

    Prion is a protein that is present in the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Prion test guarantees sterility in an individual sterilisation parcel (pouch, sealed sleeve or crepe-paper packet) placed in a loaded autoclave.

  • Packaging : box of 100

    The Helix test checks the ability of the autoclave to sterilise hollow objects such as suction or irrigation tubes. The tests should be carried out daily on a specific cycle, vacuum autoclave, so that the different sterilisation cycles of the day can then be carried out.

  • Packaging : Box of 20

    Bowie Dick test tests the autoclave's capacity to sterilise porous items such as gowns and drapes. It needs to be carried out every day on a specific cycle (in an empty autoclave)

  • Packaging : 1 unit

    The HYGITECH Incubator is used to incubate the biological indicator vials between 55 and 60°C, in order to ascertain whether the sterilisation by saturated vapour was effective.

  • Packaging : Box of 10

    The HYGITECH biological indicators are designed to control the efficiency of various processes of sterilisation by saturated vapour between 121 and 135°C. They are inoculated with viable bacterial spores of GeoBacillus Stearothemophilus and respond to performance specifications and quality indicated in ISO 11138.