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Helix Test

Helix Test


The Helix Test is a test that checks the penetration power of steam inside the autoclave. It is used in medical and dental practice on hollow instruments with fairly deep cavities.  




Key features and benefits

- Easy to use and interpret

- Available in 100 and 250 strip formats. 

- Allows effective, continuous monitoring of the functionality of the sterilization cycles used in the practice. 

- The Helix test is marketed in ergonomic packaging that includes instructions for use.  


Q : What cycle should I use for a Helix test?

A : 134°C for 3.5 min or 121°C for 15 min. 

Q : Does Test Helix HYGITECH comply with international standards?

A: HYGITECH Test Helix is a type 5 indicator in compliance with EN ISO 11140-1 and EN-867-5.

Recommendation for Additional products 

- Sterilization Pouches: For optimum protection and conservation of sterilized instruments.

- Biological Indicators: For additional verification of sterilization efficiency.

- Sterilization Indicator Strips: For rapid and effective visual control of sterilization.

- Complementary items 

- Bowie & Dick Hygitech Test

- Helix Test 

- Biological Indicators