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"For the convenience of the surgeon, HYGITECH offers two types of tables:
- The Mayo table which supports the engine to implantology. A model with an adjustable height and a along with a standard model.
- The bridge table to be placed above the patient, making it possible to have all instruments and supplies required for the surgical procedure "

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    Bridge tables simplify the work in the operating theatre. The drape-covered table is positioned over the patient and carries the instruments needed for the operation. Built in durable, shiny stainless steel, HYGITECH Bridge table has a wide and solid tray, which enables the dentist to have all the materials he needs for the surgery at hand.

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    Adjustable height with a hydraulic foot pedal from 80 to 120 cm Tray dimensions: 60 x 43 cm Weight: 20 kg

  • Packaging : 1 unit

    Mayo tables are positioned right next to the surgeon and carry the implant motor. They can also be positioned over the patient, with the ability to be placed from one side only. HYGITECH Mayo table is built from durable, shiny stainless steel.

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    Packaging : 1 unit

    The Mayo table is positioned right next to the surgeon and supports the implantology engine. The ideal companion of the practitioner, the Mayo hydraulic table meets two objectives: - Improvement of the firm's organization - Considerable time saving Two important points that guarantee optimal comfort during surgery