Dental surgery preparation : Individual protection

Cross-infection comes from both the surgical team and even the patient! A great way to prevent cross-contamination is to wear disposable clothing, and to use protective surgical
HYGITECH therefore offers a wide range of caps, gowns, pyjamas and overshoes.
The patient should also be protected by surgical drapes; whether standard, U-shaped or with aperture.

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  • Packaging : 12 protection shields

    Anti-fog treatment Vertical inclination Handy: Shields easy to fit Perfect protection: 30cm shield protects the whole face The shield assures clear vision, abrasion and scratch-resistant

  • Packaging : 1 frame + 12 protection shields

    Complete article: Autoclavable frame, single use shields Anti-fog treatment Vertical inclination Frame available in 3 colours: white, blue, pink

  • Packaging : box of 25

    Total protection of the face, eyes and forehead Elastic 3 ply mask with nose clip, EN 14683 Fully transparent panoramic visor No glass fibres, latex-free, odourless .

  • Packaging : 1 unit

    Protective glasses for both the dentist and the patient, ideal during polymerisation of dental pulp.

  • Packaging : Box of 50 pairs

    Non-sterile overshoes made of polypropylene 25 g/m². HYGITECH overshoes protect the shoes of both practitioners and patients against any transmission of microbial agents. They thus make it possible to avoid all types of contamination.

  • Packaging : Box of 20

    High quality, sterile surgical gown in SMS microfibre 45g/m².

  • Packaging : box of 50

    - Top: Tunic with short sleeves, V neck, one pocket on each side. - Bottom: Trousers with internal waistband and tie for maximum comfort Available in 4 sizes for the best fit: S, M, L, XL

  • Packaging : box of 100

    Ultimate protection: - Recommended for long or high-risk surgeries - It holds back loose hair and is ideal for medium to long hair - Fixes with 2 non-woven ties for the best protection and comfort - Only the face remains uncovered, head, neck and ears are protected

  • Packaging : box of 100

    Elastic Surgical Charlottes: hold hair away from the face to maximise assistant comfort, and ensure asepsis in the OR.

  • Packaging : box of 100

    Surgical cap with straps: holds hair away from the face to maximise the practitioner's comfort during surgery, and ensure asepsis in the theatre.

  • Packaging : box of 100

    Double elastic surgical caps: keep hair away from the face to maximise comfort for the assistant, and ensure asepsis in the OR.

  • Packaging : box of 50

    Sterile dual layered surgical drape, absorbent and impermeable, ensures the best protection! Cover the patient and keep his eyes covered. Drape with an oval opening of 10.5 x 12 cm diameter with adhesive around the centre of the drape for easy positioning and fixing over the patient's face and particularly around the mouth.