Prion Test

Prion Test


The Prion Test is to be used to monitor "PRION" cycles for steam sterilization at 134°C for 18 minutes.                                       

The Prion Test complies with standard: EN ISO 11140-1 Type 6.

The Prion Test is a chemical indicator that changes colour when exposed to temperature and humidity conditions specified in EN ISO 11140-1 Type 6 that correspond to 134°C for 18 minutes. 



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Key features and benefits 

- Ease of use: The Prion Test is easy to use and interpret by following the instructions for use. 


Q: How long does it take to get Prion Test results?

A: The Prion Test can be interpreted directly at the end of the cycle. 

Q: Can the Prion Test detect all types of prions?

A: The Prion Test cannot detect prions; its purpose is to ensure that the sterilization cycle is effective against prions.

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