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Test Bowie Dick

Test Bowie Dick


The Hygitech Bowie & Dick Test is an essential device for the daily testing of steam sterilizers. It is designed to ensure that steam penetrates effectively, and that air is evacuated correctly, guaranteeing optimal sterilization of surgical instruments.



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Key Features and Benefits

- Reliability: Allows accurate and reliable assessment of air removal and steam penetration in sterilizers.

- Ease of use: Simple to set up, this test can be carried out quickly before each sterilization cycle.

- Compliance with Standards: Designed in accordance with international standards, guaranteeing a high level of quality and safety.

Additional Benefits

 - Risk Prevention: The Bowie & Dick Test is crucial in preventing sterilization failures, protecting patients and practitioners.

- Visual Indicator: Provides a clear, easy-to-interpret result thanks to its visual colour change indicator.

- Universal: Compatible with most steam sterilizers, making it a versatile choice for many dental practices.


- Why is the Bowie & Dick Test important? It ensures that the sterilizer is working properly and that the sterilization of instruments is effective.

- How often should the test be carried out? It is recommended that the test is carried out daily before the first sterilization cycle.

- How should the test results be interpreted? The change in colour of the indicator shows whether the test has been successful. You should follow the instructions in the leaflet both for use and for interpreting the results.

Recommendations for Additional Products

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- Biological Indicators: For additional verification of sterilization efficiency.

- Sterilization Indicator Strips: For rapid and effective visual control of sterilization.

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