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Instruments : Needle holders

As the last step in implant surgery, the placement of sutures is of paramount importance for the success of the implant treatment. A "badly placed" or "loose" suture is a source of infectious complication that can be very harmful for the patient. It is therefore essential to ensure that the suture is well placed, to protect the surgical site, preserve the tissues and therefore promote healing.
The material used by the surgeon will determine the quality of the suture. This is why HYGITECH offers a complete range of needle holders. This instrument will facilitate the surgeon to close a wound or an incision. The needle holder is a kind of clamp that will hold the needle more firmly and securely, giving it more length, to perform very precise sutures.
HYGITECH needle holders are available in various lengths and shapes (straight, curved). Each of our needle holders are reusable, and made of stainless steel to increase their longevity despite disinfection and sterilisation cycles. We offer needle holders in classic steel or with tungsten carbide jaws, recognisable by their golden handles. As a proof of this high quality, HYGITECH offers you a lifetime warranty* on all its instruments. * Under normal conditions of use.

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