Environment Protection : Dental chair covers

The protections for the armchair are an effective barrier against bacteria and other pathogens that may affect the patient. HYGITECH offers armchairs sterile and non-sterile covers.
- Benefits for the surgeon restricts the use of disinfectants and increases the life of the chair in the chair protecting viruses and bacteria
- Patient Benefits: Created a pleasant and hygienic environment, and provides a feeling of safety and cleanliness.

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  • Packaging : 1 x roll of 250 protective sleeves

    HYGITECH header cover in polyethylene enables you to cover the armchair header in your dental practice. It can also cover the x-ray tube. It is an effective barrier to fight against cross contaminations. Practical: easily separated one from the other through the dispenser box

  • Packaging : Box of 20

    - Cost effective: These covers reduce the need to use disinfectants and protect the dental chair from bacteria, increasing the lifespan of the chair. - Convenient: A single, universal, easy-to-use cover for all 3 parts of the dental chair (6 fixing straps) - Comfortable and waterproof: it creates a pleasant looking and hygienic environment, giving the...

  • Packaging : box of 50

    Effective and comfortable waterproof protection for the patient White cover with elastic lining, easy to fix on the dental chair keeping the handle uncovered Favours the impression of cleanness and care for hygiene of the surgery Fits any kind of dental chair, 24cm diameter