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Finalis Rapid PGA Absorbable Sutures

Finalis Rapid PGA Absorbable Sutures


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Type Reverse cutting 3/8
Thread length 75 cm
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PGA RAPID Finalis sutures are synthetic, absorbable, braided, sterile surgical sutures composed of polyglycolic acid (PGA). The empirical formula of the polymer is (C2H2O2)n. The characteristic rapid decrease in strength is achieved by using a polymer material with a lower molecular weight than conventional PGA suture material. RAPID Finalis PGA sutures are coated with polycaprolactone and calcium stearate. PGA RAPID Finalis sutures are available in different gauges and suture lengths. They comply with European Pharmacopoeia requirements for "Sterile, Synthetic, Absorbable, Braided Sutures" and US Pharmacopoeia requirements for "Absorbable Surgical Sutures".

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Key features and benefits 

- Good tensile strength. 

- Knot security: With good knot security, these sutures ensure that your patients' wounds remain securely closed, promoting rapid healing. 

- Predictable adsorption rate: Finalis Rapid PGA sutures have a predictable adsorption rate, ensuring that the sutures dissolve naturally over time, minimising the need for suture removal procedures and ensuring reliable healing time. 

- By using these sutures, you can confidently provide secure wound closure, minimising the risk of complications and promoting rapid healing. The high tensile strength and knot security of Finalis sutures give you peace of mind during critical procedures. 


Q1: How long does it take for Finalis Rapid PGA absorbable sutures to dissolve completely?

A1: The gradual decrease in tensile strength and ultimate resorption of the PGLA suture occurs through hydrolysis, where the copolymer is broken down into glycolic and lactic acid and is eventually absorbed and eliminated by the body. Resorption begins with a decrease in tensile strength, followed by a decrease in volume. The rate of adsorption of Finalis sutures is predictable, however, the exact time may vary depending on the patient's individual healing process. 

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