To make things even easier, these products are manufactured especially for you! HYGITECH currently provides products that you can personalise as you wish, to suit the needs of your practice:

Personalized surgical kit


You can now assemble your own sterile set.

Large choice of components, customise the packaging, fast delivery: kits delivered in 30 days, request your free non-sterile sample!

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Simplified Surgical Guide


Peace of mind for placing an implant.

Service includes the planning and manufacture of the guide. Universal: compatible with all implant brands. No investment required and drill is included with the first order. Fast delivery.

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My Surgery Box

Preparation & Surgery

Peace of mind for a successful surgery

Three steps of implant surgery in one personalised, ready-to-use box:

  • Time spent is optimised
  • Stick to your own protocols for an efficient surgery
  • Space optimisation
  • Efficient calculation of your patient’s surgery cost

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Personalized instruments


We offer laser marking on all of our instruments.

Very practical to differentiate the instruments for each practitioner, especially if there are several surgeons working in one practice!

Free laser mark

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Personalized sutures


Choose your needle, your thread and the packaging. More than 9000 combinations available.

Making the surgeon’s life easier!

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