Personalised kit

Personalised kit

Because we believe in the need to adapt our products to your customers' surgeries, we are now able to assemble personalised sterile kits.

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Let your customers perfect their practice and
opt for the customization of surgical kits


Customize the sterile kits in just three steps.

Receive a free non-sterile sample

To validate the design of the custom kit.


Improve productivity, optimize their practice and respect their operating protocol by letting them assemble their own kit.

Quality of work

Let your customers improve theirworking environment by composing their customized kit.

Save Time

Let them concentrate only on their surgery! All individual, surface and accessory protection elements are grouped into a single kit.

Eco friendly

Let them choose only the components they need, so they reduce waste.


Let them choose from our selection of more than 100 components from the areas of:

  • Personal protection
  • Surface protection
  • And the accessories


  • Depending on the operating protocol, let them easily configure the order of the kit components and the desired quantities.
  • Then let them personalize the kit label with their name, logo, photo and / or diploma.


  • Choose the number of kits you want to receive.
  • Minimum of 15 kits delivered in 30 days (excluding transport).

Transparency on prices

  • Compose your kit in the most optimal way possible: at each stage, we offer you total transparency on our prices (components and assembly).
  • Did you know? Our prices decrease according to the quantities ordered.


  • Assembled in a cleanroom ISO Class 8 standard and sterilized in France, the HYGITECH custom kits are CE marked and meet the ISO 13485 standard.
  • All HYGITECH custom kits are packaged in double sterile Tyvek bag and crepe paper packaging.

Technical specifications

  • To assemble a kit you need at least 5 components
  • Minimum order: 15 kits
  • Free sample to validate the design of your kit
  • Custom kits packaged in Tyvek bags
  • All our kits are wrapped in crepe paper that can be used as a sterile field
  • Manufacturer: HYGITECH
  • Medical device class Is or IIa depending on the chosen components
  • Notified body: 0459 LNE / G-MED.