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Cookie policy

How we use cookies

Cookies are small data files downloaded onto your browser and used when you browse a website. Later on, the company which puts these cookies on your browser can read the information they contain. Cookies are generally classified as “session cookies”, which are not stored on your computer once you have closed your browser, and “permanent cookies”, which are usually stored on your computer until they expire or are deleted.

The various kinds of cookie we use are these:

1. Essential cookies

Some cookies are essential for you to move around our website and use its functionalities (such as the secure areas). Without these cookies we aren’t able to display content appropriate for the kind of device you’re using, and you won’t be able to order from our website.

2. Cookies that store your selections in memory

These cookies let us memorize the choices you have made when visiting our website and and provide better, more personalised functionalities. The information collected by these cookies can be anonymised. They do not allow your internet activity to be tracked when you visit other websites.

3. Cookies for personalising your experience

We use these cookies to tailor the appearance or behaviour of our web pages to you personally. That’s done on the basis of information we deduce from your behaviour on our website, or other information we already hold about you (if you’re a registered customer, for example). These cookies can be used to tailor the content we offer you and the appearance of what you see when you next visit our website. At that next visit the information provided earlier can be retrieved so that it’s easier for you to use the website’s functionalities which you chose before. We can also personalise the information displayed on the basis of what we know about you, so that you spend less time searching. The use of cookies lets each individual visitor have a unique experience on our website and

4. Cookies used by third parties on our website

Third-party cookies are used by outside organisations which provide various services to us. For instance, we use the services of external analysts; they make use of cookies on our behalf to see which pages are visited most often, and which least often. The website you visit may also include content from the websites of third parties such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter ; those websites may set their own cookies.

Managing cookies

You can choose to inactivate these cookies at any time. You can also enter settings in your browser that will let you know when cookies are being stored on your computer, and ask you whether you want to accept them.
You can accept or reject cookies individually, or you can reject them all.
We should point out that the settings you choose might change your access to our content and services, when that access requires cookies.
If your browser is configured to refuse all cookies, then access to some or all of the website may be blocked. In order to manage cookies to behave as closely as possible to your expectations we recommend you enter settings in your browser that take the cookies’ purpose into account.