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Éponges hémostatiques

Haemostatic Sponges


Hygitech Haemostatic Sponges, packaged in a box of 10, are designed to help control bleeding in dental procedures. These sponges are essential for ensuring rapid and effective haemostasis, contributing to patient safety and comfort during surgical procedures or invasive dental treatments.



Key Features and Benefits

- Haemostatic efficacy: Provides rapid and effective control of bleeding.

- Simple to use: Easy to apply and remove, improving the efficiency of procedures.

- Safe: Helps reduce the risk of excessive bleeding.

- Convenient Packaging: Box of 10, ideal for regular use in the dental practice.

- Medical Quality: Sponges manufactured to high standards to ensure safety and reliability.

Additional Benefits

- Timesaving: Speeds up the treatment process by effectively controlling bleeding.

- Versatility: Suitable for a variety of dental procedures.

- Patient Comfort: Reduce the discomfort of bleeding, improving the patient experience.


Q : How do Haemostatic Sponges work? 

A: Resorbable haemostatic sponges, made from biomaterials, work by absorbing blood and swelling to form a plug that stops bleeding. Their surface facilitates the deposition of blood platelets, encouraging natural coagulation and the formation of clots to stop bleeding.

Q : Are sponges suitable for all types of dental procedures? 

A: Yes, they are designed to be used in a variety of situations where bleeding control is required. 

Complementary Product Recommendations

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- Hygitech Metzenbaum Curved Scissors: Ideal for procedures requiring precise cutting and bleeding control.

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