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Détergent enzymatique

Enzymatic detergent

  • 1 unit


The enzymes present in the product have a long-lasting action before the product loses its effectiveness. Thus, it is useless to add more product to obtain a quality cleaning. Very effective at low temperatures, the enzymes allow some savings in hot water. Moreover, enzymes are not toxic to our health, and end up evaporating very quickly and naturally in our environment.

• Neutral PH: ensures compatibility with alkali-sensitive materials, and any other materials
• Not agressive, it allows to avoid burns, allergies, irritations or other serious health problems
• Tri-enzymatic complex (protease, amylase, lipase), high performance cleaning on proteins, sugars and fats
• Virucidal against enveloped viruses (such as Coronavirus)
• Can be used as an ultrasonic tank
• Very economical dilution at 0.5%: 1L = 200L of active solution
• Available in 1L or 5L vials