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Sterile irrigation set

Sterile Irrigation Set - Set of 10


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Hygitech Sterile Irrigation Sets are tubes compatible with a multitude of implantology engines. They are used to convey coolant during bone drilling and implant bed preparation. The sets ensure precise, sterile irrigation, essential for successful, safe operations. 

Key Features and Benefits

- Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with a multitude of implantology engines.

- Clinical benefit: Implant site preparation under irrigation. Irrigation prevents overheating of the bone, which can lead to thermally induced bone necrosis.

- Sterility: Our Irrigation Sets are marketed sterile to avoid any risk of infection, guaranteeing a safe and hygienic procedure.

- Precision: Allows precise control of flow rate, crucial for safe and effective irrigation.

- Ease of use: Simple to install and use, it optimizes preparation time. 

- Components: Perforator, silicone adapted to the motor model, single or 2-way ends. The set includes essential components for precise, controlled irrigation during implant surgical procedures.

- Guaranteed quality: HYGITECH irrigation sets are certified in accordance with the European Medical Device Regulation MDR 2017/745.  

- Box of 10 sets

Additional benefits

- Single and 2-way irrigation: HYGITECH irrigation lines can be used for internal and/or external irrigation.  

- HYGITECH irrigation sets are available on the market in sterile condition and do not need to be sterilised in the surgery before use. 


Q : Is the Sterile Irrigation Set compatible with all motors? 

A : At HYGITECH, we have designed a wide range of irrigation models adapted to more than 90% of the implantology motors on the market. On the HYGITECH website you can choose the irrigation line by selecting the implantology motor you are using.  

Q: How does the Sterile Irrigation Set improve surgical efficiency? 

A: The irrigation set allows the cooling liquid (usually saline water) to be delivered to the drilling area, eliminating the risk of overheating the bone when preparing the implant site. 

Recommendations for Additional Products

- Saline water: also known as NaCl, this is used with the irrigation set, available in 250ml or 500ml sterile bags. 

- Hygitech Protect Kit: Ideal to complement the Sterile Irrigation Set, offering a complete solution for dental surgery.

- PGA Finalis Resorbable Sutures: Perfect for post-operative sutures, compatible with the set for optimal results.

- Class: IIa. Certifying body: SGS Belgium

- Manufacturer : Hygitech