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Magnifying lens

Magnifying lens


The HYGITECH loupe is an optical instrument developed to facilitate visualisation of specific objects or areas. It was conceived for all precise work as well as helping improve performance of dental surgeons during technical procedures.



Characteristics :

• A Velcro strap allows comfortable adjustment of the loupe around the head
• The loupe can be moved up and down to better align the eyes with the magnified area
• The unbreakable lenses protect the eyes, help your eyes adjust quickly and comfortably and give the exact hue of the magnified object
• Available in two magnifications, x2.5 or x3.5


- Perfectly adjustable around the head, the loupe’s ergonomics offer true comfort and incomparable ease of use.


- Weighing only 70g, the HYGITECH loupe is remarkably light.


- Allowing assistance during technical procedures, the loupe helps give the dental surgeon a better approach to the surgical field