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Gants en latex non-poudrés LCH Precinium

LCH Precinium Powder-Free Latex Gloves


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LCH Precinium powder-free latex gloves are surgical gloves recommended for all types of surgery.

IIa. Marquage CE0434. CE0434 marking. Certifying body : DNV RN.




The gloves have the following characteristics:

    Non-powdered: they minimize the risk of allergy and residue during removal, and thus provide greater comfort for practitioners (average protein level < 50 µg/g and quantity of powder < 2 mg/g).

    Made of natural latex: they provide high protection and excellent elasticity and resistance to perforation and chemical products.

    Reliable: LCH Precinium powder-free gloves act as a barrier and protect practitioners from infections and micro-organisms.

    High tactile sensitivity: Latex offers a very good grip and tactile sensitivity for smooth movements and precise gestures. Latex is a very appreciated material for its flexibility and dexterity, thanks to its thinness (average thickness 0.10 mm (+/-03)).

    Practical : thanks to its rolled cuffs, gloving is quick and easy.

    Box of 50 gloves : sold by pair, in sterile packaging

    Several sizes available : to fit all morphologies.