Micro scissors CASTROVIEJO, 11,5 cm, curved

Micro scissors CASTROVIEJO, 11,5 cm, curved


Used in microsurgery, they are distinguished from other scissors by the thinness of their blades and the mechanism of their handle which allows the blades to be activated without effort. Thanks to their springs, Castroviejo scissors offer flexibility and precision. They help to reduce repetitive movements. These scissors make very precise and soft cuts with a minimum of trauma.



HYGITECH ceramic Castroviejo scissors have the following characteristics:

Thanks to a physical-chemical process at low temperature, the ceramic will bond inseparably with the initial steel, thus creating a synergy without splinters or defects, for a product that lasts over time. Extremely resistant to all daily stresses and chemical treatments, the ceramic coating offers an unmatched surface hardness (approx. 85 HRC), much higher than the hardness of conventional steel or Tungsten Carbide chisels


- Black finish: to ensure contrast and visual acuity of the procedure site and underlying tissue

- Long life and use, low wear due to reduced friction

- High resistance to abrasion and corrosion

- Compatible and biocompatible material

- Anti-reflective and micro-glazed surfaces

- Anti-allergenic

Grip: spring-loaded handle for high flexibility

Standard grooved handle

Curved shape: facilitates cutting in areas that are initially difficult to access by providing better visibility