Micro gum scissors CASTROVIEJO, straight 12 cm

Micro gum scissors CASTROVIEJO, straight 12 cm


Used in microsurgery, they are distinguished from other scissors by the thinness of their blades and the mechanism of their handle which allows the blades to be activated without effort. Thanks to their springs, Castroviejo scissors offer flexibility and precision. They help to reduce repetitive movements. These scissors make very precise and soft cuts with a minimum of trauma.



HYGITECH Castroviejo microchirugical scissors have the following characteristics:

- Grip: spring-loaded handle for great flexibility

- Ergonomic handle: the ergonomic scissors have a very special design that makes them even more comfortable to hold. They combine cutting sensitivity with minimal force. The new handle design combines the advantages of easy cleaning and sterilisation with a perfect fit. The special surface of the handle ensures a secure grip both in traction and in pushing.

- Scissors available in 12 cm or 15 cm depending on the practitioner's preference

Two shapes available: 

Straight shape: for cleaner, more precise cuts

Curved shape: facilitates cutting in areas that are initially difficult to access by providing better visibility