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Finalis Non-Resorbable Silk Suture Hygitech

Finalis Non-Resorbable Silk Suture Hygitech

Thread length
Thread type
Needle length 17mm

Hygitech Finalis Silk Non-Resorbable Suture is specially designed for dental surgical procedures. The silk used for braided sutures is treated to remove natural wax and gum residues. The braided silk is coated with silicone and dyed black (Sulphol Black or Logwood Black). This type of suture is ideal for procedures requiring a durable and reliable tissue closure.


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Key Features and Benefits

- Braided threads for easy knot formation. 

- Variety of thread diameters, for effective closure in a range of dental procedures.

- Variety of wire lengths, for versatile use.

- Variety of needle sizes

- Needle shapes available: reverse cutting, taper cut and conventional cutting, for easy penetration and reduced tissue trauma.

- Non-resorbable: Ensures durable tissue closure, important for certain dental procedures.

Additional Benefits

- Precision: Allows for precise placement and optimal control during suturing.

- Versatility: Suitable for a wide variety of dental procedures.


Q: Is the Finalis Silk Suture suitable for all types of dental surgery? 

A: Yes, its versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of procedures, particularly soft tissue closure. 

Q: Is Finalis Silk easy to handle? 

A: Yes, it is designed to be easy to handle, allowing accurate and efficient suture placement.

Additional Product Recommendations

- Hygitech Sterile Irrigation Set: Perfectly complements the suture for precise irrigation during procedures.

- Hygitech Protect Kit: A complete sterile solution for dental surgery, ideal in combination with the Finalis Silk Suture.

- Hygitech Sterile Gloves: To maintain sterility and ensure safe handling of the suture.