Implanfield kit

Implanfield kit

  • Best quality / price ratio
  • Sterile
  • 25 items in the kit


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Sterile irrigation set

Sterile irrigation set

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  • Best quality / price ratio Best quality / price rat…
  • Sterile Sterile
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The IMPLANFIELD KIT implantology is designed to protect the entire operating theatre. It is recommended for practices that do not specialise in implantology or endodontics. These practices are usually not equipped with an operating theatre and therefore have more spaces and elements to cover. The IMPLANFIELD kit is complementary to the IMPLANWEAR kit, which contains all clothing protection for the operation. The kit consists of 25 elements


- 4 Polyethylene gloves

- 1 Tube support with adhesive

- 2 Elastic cap handle covers

- 3 Non-latex elastic bands

- 3 Protective sleeves for tubing (8x120cm)

- 1 Plastic bag (50x80cm)

- 1 Protective PVC X-ray cover

- 1 Adhesive protective covers for control panel

- 2 Adhesive films (5cmx80cm)

Laminated non-woven fabric

- 1 Surgical drape with aperture and adhesive (75x90cm)

- 1 U-shaped surgical drape with adhesive (100x150cm)

SMS Microfibre

- 2 Surgical drapes (75x75cm)

- 1 Instrument table cover (90x120cm)

- 1 Instrument table cover (bridge) (100x180cm)

Crepe paper

- 1 Wrapping paper