Biological Indicator

Biological Indicator


The HYGITECH biological indicators are designed to control the efficiency of various processes of sterilisation by saturated vapour between 121 and 135°C.

They are inoculated with viable bacterial spores of GeoBacillus Stearothemophilus and respond to performance specifications and quality indicated in ISO 11138.



The biological indicators are compatible with the HYGITECH Dry Block Incubator, used to incubate the indicator vials between 55 and 60°C to determine the effectiveness of sterilisation.


  • Compatible with the HYGITECH Incubator
  • 11mm diameter
  • Available as 10 units per box

Quick and Effective:

controlled efficiency for diverse procedures of sterilisation between 121 and 135°C with guaranteed results after 24 hours of incubation


compatible with all brands of incubator.

Easy to Understand:

Quick understanding of the results due to a vivid change in colour when bacteria has materialised, leaved no doubt of the outcome.