Environment Protection : Protection sleeves for tubing

Cord turbines, syringes, micro motor. All these elements not autoclavable, fragile and expensive. To facilitate the preparation of the cabinet to the surgery, HYGITECH offers sterile and non-sterile sheaths for cables.
- Practical: Easy to put on and length suitable for use (120cm cord for the engine, 45cm for the wheelchair bound cords)
- Economic: Limits the relief disinfectants

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    Packaging : Box of 10

    The sterile sleeve provides excellent protection for tubing while guaranteeing the best sanitary conditions.It is easy to put on and fix.

  • Packaging : 1 x roll of 250 sleeves

    HYGITECH polyethylene protection sleeves enable you to cover hand pieces, cables, turbines and contra-angles. Effective barrier to fight against cross contamination. Practical: Sleeves are easily separated one from another via the dispenser box.

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    Packaging : box of 250

    The 90cm Hygitech protective sleeve efficiently protects all tubing while guaranteeing the sterility of the operating room. These PVC single-use sleeves were specifically created with dental surgeons in mind.