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Protection sleeve 90 cm with adhesive for tubing

Protection sleeve 90 cm with adhesive for tubing


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The 90cm Hygitech protective sleeve efficiently protects all tubing while guaranteeing the sterility of the operating room.

These PVC single-use sleeves were specifically created with dental surgeons in mind.

Characterisitics/Properties :

- The sleeve’s dimensions allow the protection of tubing 90cm in length and 8,5cm in width
- The sleeves contain an adhesive which giving good grip on the tubing
- The box contains 250 sleeves

Inpermeable surface protection

- Effective barrier for non-autoclavable equiptment in order to combat cross-contamination

- Protection against bacteria and viruses which limits the use of disinfectants and prolongs the lifespan of equiptment


- Rip Resistant

Easy to use

- Thanks to the adhesive at the end of the sleeves