Environment Protection : Protection film

In order to avoid cross contamination, all surfaces likely to be affected by the medical team during the operation must be covered.
The HYGITECH adhesive films can isolate all surfaces is difficult or non-sterilizable, such as the operating light handles, a computer mouse, control panel, telephone ...
- Convenient: Easy peel and apply
- Easily peelable without damaging the equipment or walls thanks to its thin adhesive film
- Available in sterile and non-sterile versions

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  • Packaging : 1 x roll of 1200 transparent sheets

    Convenient - Easy to tear off and apply Its delicate adhesive layer makes Hygifilm easily removable without damaging your equipment or walls. - Supplied as a roll of 10cm x 14,5xm pre-perforated adhesive sheets, presented in a dispenser box.

  • Packaging : 10 sets of 5 sheets

    In order to prevent cross-contamination, all surfaces that are likely to be touched by the medical team during the surgery should be covered. The protection film helps fight cross-contamination by becoming a valid protection barrier for all the surfaces.

  • Packaging : box of 25

    Practical for all surgeries, the transparent sterile drape with adhesive allows the protection of the implantology motor or the control unit without compromising the sterility of the surgery. The transparency ensures you can keep an eye on the indications shown on the screen and easily change the programme.