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Sterile transparent drape with adhesive

Sterile transparent drape with adhesive

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Practical for all surgeries, the transparent sterile drape with adhesive allows the protection of the implantology motor or the control unit without compromising the sterility of the surgery. The transparency ensures you can keep an eye on the indications shown on the screen and easily change the programme.

Characteristics :

• 1 waterproof layer of polyethylene (65g/m²)
• Dimensions: 40 (width) cm x 50 (length) cm
• Adhesive: Located along the width of the drape(40 x 5 cm)
Waterproof protection of surfaces
-Effective barrier to fight against cross contaminations in non autoclavable elements.

- Protection against bacteria and viruses, it allows to limit the use of disinfectants and makes the equipment last longer


- Resistant, does not tear