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Instruments for extraction : Elevators

Tooth luxation, the second stage of an extraction, is performed using elevators. Once the ligament has been removed, the luxating elevator will allow the tooth to be mobilised and luxated from its socket. To do this, this instrument is inserted into the space previously left by the syndesmostoma (between the root cementum and the alveolar bone), and acts as a lever. Thus, the luxating elevator will allow to break all the desmodontal fibers in order to completely dislodge the tooth. The elevator will use the alveolar bone for support and not the neighbouring teeth to avoid damaging them. When the tooth is mobilised, an audible sign called "sucking sound" or "singing tooth", which the air makes as it passes between the tooth and the alveolus, means that the action of the elevator is complete. All that remains is to grasp the tooth and remove it completely from the mouth.

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