Daviers forme Américaine à mors lisses

American form forceps

Dental avulsion is the last step of an extraction and is performed with a forceps. This instrument takes the form of a pair of pliers with a variable shape and with jaws that adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the tooth for which it is used.


In order to grasp the mobile tooth, the forceps will rest on the dental crown and by means of small rotational and pulling movements, it will be able to extract the tooth from its cavity. Generally, if the above steps are followed correctly, the avulsion is a simple "pick-up". However, it is sometimes necessary to exert quite a lot of force to remove the tooth. It is therefore important to be able to stand in a place with a good grip, holding the instrument firmly to avoid slipping and damaging the captured tooth.

The American-form forceps with smooth jaws have the following characteristics:

  • American shape with smooth jaws: unlike English forceps, American shape forceps have been specially designed for larger hands.
  • A grooved handle for a better grip

A complete range that can be fully adapted to the different treatment areas:

  • Extrating forceps 23: for lower molars
  • Extrating forceps 88L : for upper left molars
  • Extrating forceps 88R: for upper right molars
  • Extrating forceps 150 : for premolars, incisors and upper roots
  • Extrating forceps 150S : for upper teeth and roots
  • Extrating forceps n°151 : for premolars, incisors and lower roots
  • Extrating forceps n°151S: for lower teeth and roots
  • Extrating forceps n°451 for lower premolars